Effective help to overcome post-natal birth trauma and post abortion syndrome.

For most mums, giving birth is a positive experience, and even though many feel it's the hardest thing they'll ever do, they'd still do it again. Part of that is as afterwards they feel an immense sense of achievement, exhilaration, at peace and full of complete joy.

We see births on TV or in the movies, we may read about the positive birth experiences of celebrities, and in the majority, they are often described as exactly that , a positive birth experiences.

But sadly, that's not the same for every mum. For a silent group of mums, what should be a defining moment in their life, is not always the positive experience they expected or were told.

Often time is not the great healer!

Many mums suffering with post-natal trauma have waited days, weeks, months and even years for it to pass so they can experience a sense of joyful motherhood. Many mums talk about how they carry emotions such as guilt, shame and sadness which can often turn to depression and anxiety.

Often the weight of having to pretend to be happy and content can just add to this emotional burden. And to make matters worse, well-meaning friends, family and medical staff tell them how they should be feeling. Whilst great at a logic level, this mostly just adds to the burden of guilt at feeling the way they do.

What should be the most life enhancing and life changing event in a woman's life can turn out to be a curse which they carry for years as they often believe they have no right to feel down, depressed or traumatised.

It can often feel as if being open and honest is a bad or negative thing?

And that's because our society is rife with the bypassing of our natural feelings and emotions, making it unsafe to fully express how we really feel in the fear of upsetting others or made to feel less than. This falseness and pressure of having to put on that happy face can create further internal emotional pressure, and which no amount of happy one-line Facebook slogans is going to fix or change.

Post abortion syndrome and depression

Post-Abortion syndrome is the psychological effects of abortion. Any traumatic event can cause PTSD, and abortion is no exception. It's a form of PTSD which can start from the moment of making the decision, or experiencing the procedure and living with the distress, grief, pain and regret afterwards. And as with any trauma, individuals often try to forget the ordeal and deny or ignore any pain that may result.

Many simply don't relate their distress to the abortion experience. At some point emotions resurface and the truth of this loss can no longer be denied.

The symptoms of post abortion syndrome may appear immediately after an abortion, or in many cases, others much later.

Typically the symptoms can be: Guilt, anxiety, depression, disasociation, depression, suicidal thoughts, abreactions, nightmares, panic attacks, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse. If you can identify with more than two of these symptoms, it could be that you are experiencing post-abortion syndrome.

The majority of women i've helped and worked with, have held this secret in for years and have rarely spoken or discussed it with anyone else.

So, what's answer, and how can hypnotherapy help?

You may have already tried talking therapies and support groups, positive affirmations, excercise, spa days, Reiki, maybe even medication or self medication through other means. But, it hasn't had any long term effect. In fact, they may have made you feel worse!

That's because none of the above methods work with, or respect your unconscious mind and the trapped emotions, and so the solution is to work with the unconscious mind and the body to allow it to naturally release these pent-up emotions or internalised traumas. When we do that the body drains the emotional swamp, your body returns to balance and you find emotional peace to begin to enjoy life again.

The truth is that you're allowed to connect, feel and express those thoughts and feelings which have contributed to the way you feel.

Through hypnotherapy we work together to allow your unconscious mind to work through and release those emotions so that you can find emotional peace and enjoy life again.

If some or all of the above feels familiar and you're ready to start to take that first step to take back control? If so, then call me on 01772 499046, or email me by clicking here.

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