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Hypnotherapy help to move on from divorce, betrayal or separation

When a relationship ends it can be a challenge to deal with the upheaval it creates, for some it's simply a case of moving on and readjusting. Often the initial upheaval of dealing with the feelings of grief, loss and betrayal left behind can go on far longer than you ever expected, with feelings and emotions appearing for no logical reason.

A song on the radio, a plot line in a film or tv drama, a particular food, a smell or a sound can bring back memories, some happy, some sad. But for many these memories are tainted with the feelings of stress, anger, guilt, betrayal, sadness and many more that the loss has created.

Add into this the conflict that may come from the aftermath, and very quickly you feel overwhelmed and forget who you really are, or who you were before.

This can be even more frustrating and upsetting if the person works or lives in the same area as you, as every time you see them, those negative feelings immediately return, leaving you in a cloud of despair. Putting on a brave face can only work for so long, and this in itself can add to the pressure if it's not what you really feel deep down.

Maybe you've been prescribed anti depressants or have chosen to find comfort through other means, such as food or drink. These help numb the feelings, or make us feel good in the short term, but once the effects of these have worn off, the bad feelings are still there, and so it becomes a vicious cycle of feeling bad and distracting, and overall you may feel trapped, held back and unable to move on.

Betrayal - the wound that will not heal.

People deal with divorce, loss and separation in different ways and it's understandable that after a relationship breakdown you will be left with many uncomfortable feelings such as fear, sadness, guilt, shame, disappointment and anger.

Difficulties happen when we get stuck at one particular point such as anger or depression, and if left, these stuck feeling can last for years like a wound that will not heal.

Additionally these feelings can lead onto many additional issues such as depression, anxiety, loss of self esteem and confidence, stress, alcohol or drug abuse or gambling.

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How can Hypnotherapy help with the betrayal of divorce and separation?

We often don’t realise how the emotional trauma that occurrs during the break down of a marriage can affect us. The long lasting effects of the betrayal can far outlast the grief and loss of the marriage and all the life-altering things that come with an end of a marriage. When we understand the pain and what’s causing it, we empowered to take action, to learn and heal from the pain, and then be free of the suffereing.

Through hypnotherapy we help you clear the emotional blocks which are creating the pain so that you can move forward with your life and at the same time you'll learn ways to help deal with unwanted emotions.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see your ex partner without having the negative feelings? If so, then hypnotherapy can help you achieve that.

What's the cost per session?

The cost per session is £60, with each session normally lasting between 90 minutes to 2 hours.

How can I pay for treatment?

Payment is per session and can be paid in cash, debit card, Visa or MasterCard at the end of each session.

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What's the next step?

If you're ready to let go of the past and take back control of your emotions and your life then contact me and see how Hypnotherapy can help you.

Should you have any questions about hypnotherapy and how I can help you achieve personal positive change, then call me on 01772 439046, or email me by clicking here.

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