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Hypnosis to quit smoking for good. Leyland, Lancashire

If you're like most smokers I talk to, you will have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking many times, possibly as many as seven times.

Seven is about the average number of attempts to quit smoking. In trying to quit you may have tried using patches, gum, cutting down, electronic cigarette, tablets and last but not least, using will power.

Hypnotherapy is usually the last port of call for most smokers, yet it's one of the most successful ways to quit smoking as it helps break the associations and habits of cigarettes by dealing directly with your subconscious.

To find out more, call me on 01772 439046, or email me by clicking here.

Is my smoking a habit or a compulsion?

For many smokers it's just a habit, something they do at certain times of the day, with certain people in certain situations. Smokers who smoke out of habit often talk about how they can go for long periods without a cigarette, and they often don't experience any cravings.

One main question to consider is this - if you are deprived of your cigarettes for any extended length of time, do you become intensely anxious?

If so, then this increased anxiousness may be an increase of the constant anxiety level that is around but is controlled and reduced by smoking. For many smokers cigarettes can be the only form of relief from the stress or anxiety.

This could indicate that smoking is a compulsion and serves a purpose. The good news is that hypnotherapy can help you overcome both the compulsive and the habit elements.

What happens when you quit smoking

Most smokers know about the dangers of smoking, these are spoken about all the time and include lung cancer, heart disease, impotence, fertility problems. But the media never lets you know how quickly the body starts to heal itself once you stop smoking, and so within:

  • 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse rate decrease
  • 8 hours your lung function increases
  • 8 hours carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body
  • 24 hours the risk of you having a heart attack is falling
  • 48 hours your risk of lung cancer stops increasing and begins to decrease
  • 72 hours nicotine is eliminated from your body
  • 2 to 21 weeks your blood circulation improves
  • 3 to 9 months that annoying coughing and wheezing decline. Lung function increases by up to 10%
  • 1 year: Risk of a heart attack falls to about half that of a smoker

Your body has a natural tendency towards health and is constantly looking to heal itself. As well as the health benefits, there are also the financial benefits for you to consider. If you smoke a pack of 20 cigarettes a day, you're going to be around £2400 or more per year better off, probably more when you consider how many you give to other people. I'm sure you can think of other things you could spend that on?

What's the next step or steps?

The first step is easy to do, decide honestly whether you really want to quit smoking, do you really want to be free from cigarettes?

Secondly, put the financial benefits to one side and consider what you'll be giving up and also what you'll be gaining by quitting smoking. What will it mean to you and your family? Here are some of the reasons others have told me, some of these may be new, some may sound familiar, you may also have other reasons.

  • More money to spend on what you want
  • To be able to sit indoors and socialise
  • Feel healthier
  • Have more energy
  • Freedom from being controlled by weed filled bits of paper
  • To smell great, no more stale tobacco
  • To look and feel younger
  • Set an example to your family
  • To prove to you that you can quit smoking

Are the benefits enough of a motivation for you to quit smoking?

If they are and you can honestly say to yourself that you are ready and fully committed to quitting smoking now, yet need some help to quit smoking, then contact me to discuss how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you quit for the last time.

What's the cost of treatment?

The cost per session is £60.00. If your smoking is a habit, then 1 session normally takes care of it. If it's a compulsion and smoking is covering another issue then 2 or more sessions may be needed to address any underline issues

How can I pay for treatment?

Payment be made in cash, debit card, Visa or MasterCard at the end of each session.

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I'm ready to quit smoking, what's the next step?

If you can honestly say to yourself that you are ready and fully committed to quitting smoking now, yet need some help to quit smoking. Call me on 01772 439046, or email me by clicking here to quit for the last time.

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