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Hypnotherapy to help the emotional pain of chronic disease and illness

If you are coping with chronic disease, illness or pain or having to deal with difficult treatments, you will probably have noticed that there are good days when you feel more on top and everything just seems easier.

At these times, you may feel physically stronger, less bothered by pain and discomfort, more positive and in control of what is happening - this is what is meant by resilience.

These good days are fine, but it's the bad days that can slowly chisel away at our resilience as well as the resilience of our friends, family and the support we have around us.

A definition of chronic illness or disease is one lasting longer than three months and has a long term effect on our body. Examples of chronic disease are Diabetes, arthritis, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinsons disease, benign essential tremors and multiple sclerosis.

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What are some of the effects of a Chronic illness?

All chronic illnesses have one thing in common; they all generally effect a persons quality of life. Some diseases may cause excessive fatigue making it hard to complete daily chores including work and school.

Chronic illness and disease reaches far and wide and doesn't discriminate. They affect so many people as well as the sufferers themselves, it can affect us both mentally and physically, leaving us feeling tired depressed and lost

If you're like many people who have to deal with the emotional upheaval of dealing with chronic illness, you've found yourself in a situation that you never planned for. Many people talk about the worry of where the disease or illness will take them and what complications can they expect?

They are often concerned about how will they deal with it on bad days and how it can cause emotional distress throughout their family, leading to destructive feelings such as guilt.

We generally never consider our health until we no longer have it

How can hypnotherapy help with Chronic Illness?

If you have just received a diagnosis, you may be feeling shocked or numb. Hypnotherapy can help support you by cleansing and clearing out the negative emotions that can hijack our thoughts, so that you can begin to make sense of this information, the challenges and changes you need to make.

Once these negative hijacking emotions are cleansed you will also become more accepting of your illness, yourself, and your sense of what's still meaningful and enjoyable in your life

Many people with long-standing chronic conditions have seen them resolve because ill-health is sometimes very stress-dependent. Even if you have a seemingly hopeless diagnosis you can be helped to better adjust to your circumstances and reduce your level of harmful stress.

To find out more about the stages and process of change, have a look at the 'The process' and the 'F.A.Q' pages.

Consider this controversial view - What if stress and lifestyle was more a cause than conventional medicine believes?

What if chronic illness and disease is something that you can heal yourself by dealing and addressing with any trapped or unresolved emotions and issues?

My belief and experience, and I must stress that this is MY belief and experience, based on the people I've worked with, is that emotional energy can become blocked and stored in the smooth muscles around the organs, joints and tissue. By working together we can find out the cause of this blocked emotional energy, and then neutralise and release it. When we release this emotional pain, your body gets relief from the pain of holding in the tension.

The initial key areas hypnotherapy helps with are pain management and pain relief, as well as improving the quality of sleep. Dealing with these initial issues of sleep and pain can help improve the quality of a persons life very quickly.

What's the cost per session?

The cost per session is £60, with each session normally lasting between 90 minutes to 2 hours.

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I'm ready to try something else in dealing with my long term chronic illness, disease and pain. What's the next step?

If you feel you could and would like to explore other options in dealing with my long term chronic illness, disease and pain. Call me on 01772 439046, or email me by clicking here.

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